Your Wedding at the Villa

We add the dream touch to your story

There’s one love story that deserves to be told, just like a fairy tale, a precious story that begins with a look and continues, now, as you gaze into one another’s eyes, on a day full of sunshine, tenderness and joy.

This story is yours: we are here, working alongside you to make sure this day even more extraordinary.

We offer you the elegance of a Villa

The muted murmur of the waves is the first greeting that Villa Lattanzi offers you and your guests, the first secret in creating a unique setting, with its elegance, natural beauty and impeccable food. Our five stars will light up an enchanting location, with rigorous architecture, which was once the Hunting Lodge of the Conti Adami, where the voices of distinguished guests seem to echo down through the centuries. This is the ink into which we dip the pen to begin writing the story of your big day.

We can inspire you with a unique menu

Raise your glasses for a toast, to the happy couple: the excellent wines from our cellars will be ready to warm your hearts, and our cooks will create a culinary story to marry with your taste and those of your guests, made even more precious and extraordinary by his own fine tastes and his skill in making every morsel unique. From appetisers to pasta dishes based on local traditions, from a wealth of different meat, through to the queen of every banquet – the Wedding cake – every dish will be a fantastic gastronomic journey.

We will organise the perfect reception for you

Villa Lattanzi is a fabulous backdrop, a magical stage that can adapt to every form decoration, designed to tell your story. Our function room can welcome up to 120 people, while in the outbuilding, you can be surrounded by the beauty of nature as well as being the ideal place for summer ceremonies. Sun, sea and warm breezes will be three special guests at your unforgettable big day.

You’ll fall in love with our gardens

Cutting the wedding cake in the shade of centuries-old trees and strolling through the gardens as a married couple, this is another emotion that Villa Lattanzi offers its newly-weds. We really love this park, set between the sky and the sea, and we know how lovely it can be lit by candles, while guests enjoy the menu created especially for them, moving through the “Taste Islands”. Those who wish to, can stop to enjoy fireworks, before music and dancing become the stars of the party.

We’ll make you the stars of Villa Lattanzi

We love to make you the stars of your own dream, which is why we make it possible for you to be the only guests at this enchanting villa. 18 rooms are ready to welcome and pamper the people you love and who you have chosen to have with you on this very important occasion. The precious memories you will be taking with you will be that of feeling perfectly at home, but in a setting that is truly unique.

We take special care with every detail

A perfect wedding is a mosaic of details, put together in the right way – from the organisation of the different areas to the choice of colours, it all comes together to create the right atmosphere, the perfect feeling and to make sure all guests feel at ease.

Together we can choose every detail: impeccable table cloths, the flowers you love best, the table layout, and favours for the guests. You can decide to use our event managers or to bring in your own wedding planner, but in any case, our staff will help you get around any hitches in the organisation – large or small. 

We look forward to spoiling you

The Conti Adami, the first owners of Villa Lattanzi, knew the secret of great entertaining: their natural ability to welcome guests meant that each visitor could adapt to the surroundings and every aspect of their stay. We have inherited this ability, which translates into small details that can make every couple happy, such as giving them a special night in our room, or making a richly stocked wine cellar available to accompany the culinary magic of our chef, Vincenzo Russo, and also providing a range of services, from prime cigars to vintage rum, babysitters ready to take care of children, or a transfer shuttle service. All of this, from the large Park, to the small place markers, we can show you how proud we are to share your big day.

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Villa Lattanzi awaits you: we look forward to helping you write a magical page in your love story.


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