The Villa

The Charm of a Historic Dwelling, in a 5-star Luxury Experience

Between the sky, the sea and the woods, Villa Lattanzi is the elegant refuge of those who are seeking a lovely way to get away from the frenetic life we live every day. The beauty of the estate will give you back a dimension that you can experience with tranquillity and care, without missing single facet of happiness.

A Precious Location, a Wonder

Here you can discover rare natural surroundings, enjoying the taste creations of our cooker, hide away in one of the large bedrooms, where the atmosphere is relaxing and cared for in every detail, or you can taste the wines from the family estate in the private spa. A perfect, timeless welcome awaits you, like the one that the Conti Adami – the old owners of Villa Lattanzi – would offer friends at their buen retiro, which was very popular, thanks to the location, to the extent that the front is carved with the words: “The Guest, kissed by Pomona, is drawn to this place by the mild breezes and the flourishing vegetation. You too can enjoy, at least for a while, the pleasure brought by the tranquillity of this place, as long as Syrus fires his darts”.

The story of centuries of hospitality

Villa Lattanzi is mentioned for the first time in the Land Registry at Torre delle Palme, in 1778, where it is classed as a hunting lodge. The first owners, the Conti Adami, shared their hospitality between these walls, as well as their love of the woods and the sea. The villa’s next owner was Monsignor Lattanzi, who left it to the Archbishop’s See of Fermo, and in the last few years, it has become the property of the Beleggia family.

Not only have the architectural features been restored, the family has also brought back the traditional practice of welcoming and accommodating guests with the best there is to offer when they spend a few days in this fabulous setting, enjoying the 18th-century rooms, relaxing in the elegant bedrooms, and falling in love with the flavors.

It was a challenge to bring this gem back to its peak splendour, yet now, when Villa Lattanzi opens its doors, the feeling is one of pleasure and relaxation, of leaving the rest of the world outside. Every corner of the villa combines the taste of history with that of contemporary comfort: the floors and stairs in prestigious materials are precious evidence of the passage of important guests of the Adami Counts, as are the paintings you can admire on the walls.

The words you can read on your arrival are still perfectly applicable:

Greetings, Friend, enjoy the Hospitality that the Owner of the House prepared for you

A family in love with beauty

Villa Lattanzi tells a story that began a long time ago – one that we have decided to weave with our own. We have done it with the same attention that we reserve for weaving the gold threads in the jewellery of our collections, because the Beleggia Family has always been attracted by grace and beauty, by the possibility of putting a smile on the faces of those who choose our creations.

It is not important whether these are precious objects like the ones we sell under the Brosway, Rosato, Pianegonda and S’Agapõ brands, or precious moments like the ones we provide guests on our estates: what counts is that you feel happy and welcome.

Villa Lattanzi, a place of Luxury and charm, and Officina del Sole, with its vineyards, olive trees and fruit orchards are two sides of the same coin, two facets of the same precious stone.

A jewel known as Hospitality, that we have polished up to shine like the stones in our collections.