Villa Lattanzi beholds beauty around every corner, timeless comfort spaces, like the new swimming pool with a breathtaking sea view: an oasis of peace and wellness, nestled between the breezy sea coast and the Cugnolo woods.

100 mq swimming pool in travertine with white ceramic finishes, hydromassage, Jacuzzi bath with teak finishes, wide solarium with sunbeds and umbrellas and an extraordinary scenery from dawn to sunset.


There is a green pulse beating at the heart of Villa Lattanzi: a heart of 35 hectares of private woods, special paths on which to get lost in one’s own thoughts; and viewing points that lead straight to the foaming embrace of the sea. Bosco del Cugnolo is a place that is so precious and special that it is now a protected area of the Marche Region, where the Mediterranean scrub preserves sections that are so rare as to be almost unique.

As you come and go, you will come across fragrant orange and lemon trees, imposing oaks, centuries-old olive trees, and then, strawberry trees, holm oaks, oleanders, and precious junipers. Each trail (there are five in all, with different difficulty levels and suitable for trekking enthusiasts) has a fully equipped rest area.


The sound of the sea speaks straight to the heart when we observe it from the beach. We are in love with that sound, with that deep blue that forms a counterpoint to the soft, pale sand.   Porto San Giorgio is an enchanting resort, and the Lido that we are partnered with will offer you all of the care and attentive service that we provide here at Villa Lattanzi.

When relaxing, you need to clear your mind of all thoughts, including those focused on the details of everyday life. That’s why we even think to provide you with beach towels: all you have to do is make the most of every moment you spend here.

Fitness Room

Being on holiday does not mean giving up on your daily healthcare routine…or rather, it means finally having the time to dedicate to yourself. At Villa Lattanzi we are attentive to all your needs, which is why we have created a fully-quipped gym with running machine, exercise bike, weights and an area for your free-body workouts. The area is private and the schedules are perfectly organised to allow you to exercise with all the privacy you need.

Those who love outdoor sports will find the woods on the estate ready to welcome them, while the sun shines down through the branches, lighting up the enchanting pathways and accompanied by the distant sound of the sea.

Pet Accommodation

When Villa Lattanzi opens its doors, it does it with the intention of making you feel at home: and we are happy when you decide to bring your pets. Because shared happiness is even better, so why not choose to share it with our loyal four-legged friends?

We love your animals and we are sure that the estate will provide them with lots of space to play in, where they can be happy by your side. The woodland paths seem made especially for them to enjoy chasing the squirrels, only to return to you, tail wagging happily under the sunshine.

Jewellery Boutique

We love the beauty of the light reflecting on the sea, the radiant green of the woods, the sky that merges with our ideas, and we love it when beauty becomes something concrete, like a jewel to be worn. A Villa Lattanzi, there is no shortage of corners that contain the creations of the  Beleggia family, the queen of the jewellery world: Brosway, Rosato, Pianegonda and S’Agapõ are brands that satisfy the different tastes and trends, from the street style of younger wearers to the glamorous style of those who seek elegance in every detail.

Wine Shop

The wines in the wine shop at Villa Lattanzi, which will warm your hearts and are always enjoyed during sunset toasts, come from the other estate belonging to the Beleggia family, which is known as Officina del Sole and also located in Montegiorgio.

It would be difficult to find a more suitable name for this place, where the warmth of the sun caresses and gently ripens the grapes, pinching the olives and caressing the fruit trees, offering wine, oil and fruit of superior quality.

The white and red wines from the estate have been praised in the Gambero Rosso Wine Guide, and our bottles are a fabulous souvenir to take home, so that you can enjoy a sip of the Marche and think of us when you are far away from here.

Mobility and Parking service

Once you decide to come to Villa Lattanzi, we will even take care of your vehicle. We are happy to be able to offer you the Palina Repower charging point if your love of the environment has made you choose an electric vehicle while there is also a safe fenced car park with video surveillance cameras where you can leave your vehicle. If you would rather we took care of your movements, we can offer you a transfer service to and from the most important points of interest in the whole region. The Frasassi Caves, Recanati, Ascoli Piceno, the beaches at Monte Conero, the Ducal Palace in Urbino, the precious villages around the Villa and also the Officina del Sole are all perfect destinations for carefree holidays.