The Restaurant

The Villa of Gourmet Dialogues

“Cooking is not eating. It is much, much more. Cooking is poetry.”

Heinz Beck

At Villa Lattanzi culture can be breathed in with every step: there is the tradition of the Historic dwelling, the wealth of nature in the Bosco del Cugnolo, and there’s the gastronomic experience from our dishes.

When sitting at a table in the restaurant at Villa Lattanzi, you need to be prepared to interpret a story. Try to imagine taking the old stories told by our grandparents but interpreted in a contemporary key, because this is the feeling created and enjoyed in the chef’s dishes. Centuries of tradition, of fare that is simple, yet packed with aromas and flavour have been summed up in the finger food that will leave you enchanted during drinks before dinner, to traditionally handmade pasta, expertly cooked meats and the grace of a delicate pastry with mirror glaze.

Villa Lattanzi is all about experience and emotion, even at the table.

The dining hall

The gastronomic experience of the dishes we offer needs to be lived in a fitting place, where every detail reveals the focus we place on your happiness.

To create the perfect setting for his gourmet creations – the best possible mix of tradition and modernity – we have followed the same line of thought: antique furnishings sit alongside innovative design elements each enhancing the style of the others. The light entering the large windows, the green park that invites you to relax, are elements that create the perfect setting, whether your meal is for business or you are simply enjoying the chef’s delightful cuisine with a loved one.

Because this is what we love to offer at Villa Lattanzi: the experience that best suits your occasion.

The happy aroma of morning

We love the smell of bread when it greets us for our morning breakfast. We love the croissants oozing with honey, cakes baked with the very best fruit, the taste of just-made creme patissiere that is as rich as the one that nonna used to make.

And then there are the preserves, the light, fluffy cakes, and for those looking for a more continental experience, local charcuterie to enjoy with scrambled eggs, cheese, or mozzarella, while sipping on a fresh juice.

Our kitchen knows how important it is to start the day with a smile, and a coffee to go with all the rest. The perfect start to a great morning.

Delicacies with a sea view

The sea offers great views and relaxation but it is also the source of quality produce. We like to offer you exciting combinations, dishes where vegetables, legumes and fish combine for unusual, delicious results in colourful, special finger foods.

Every recipe, every dish, and every taste will be set off by our cocktails and by the wines of Officina del Sole, where the light and good fresh air are transformed into extraordinary grapes.